Is it Safe to Inline Skate in the Rain?

There are those for whom getting wet is not much of an issue and find it rather fun to be outside in wet weather, but they might have to reconsider their feelings when deciding to inline skate under the rain. is it safe to inline skate in the rain? Inline skating in the rain might be a bit hazardous, mainly because there is a greater chance of falling, but that's an issue that a skater would face even in regular situations. What I am trying to say is that if you are well prepared, then nothing could stop you from inline skating in the rain and enjoying yourself. All you need is a bit of specific information and methods that could in fact be helpful in a wet skating area and certain preventions that could reduce damage if something goes wrong.

You know that you can indeed hurt yourself if you fall even if the weather is normal, therefore skating under the rain means that you must be fully and properly geared with all the important and protective skating accessories which include knee, elbow, wrist pads, and helmet, even if you don't usually use them (tsk, tsk… shouldn't do that). Once you are fully ready and set to skate in the rain you must keep in mind that a wet surface isn’t ideal to perform fancy tricks and cutting sharp turns. It's better for you to lay low, just skate around at a normal speed as the wet ground will play a major factor in the control you have over the skates, and one wrong move could result in an unintentional skating disaster.

A common problem that arises while skating over a wet surface is that the wetness tends to make the skates slip and make your feet slide away from each other, which could cause you to stretch out and fall, so to prevent that, you must try your best to keep your feet as close to each other as possible. Your pushing ability might also get reduced if there is a bit too much water where you’re skating, so you might try to push down on your skates instead of out. Keep your strides shorter, smooth and flowing. Another thing to do when skating in the rain is to understand that you need to be even more careful on turns. It's better to turn at a slow speed, although it's a good idea to skate at a lower speed in general, so you will have time to stop if something happens. One very important thing to keep in mind if you are going to dare and go out under the storm (or a sprinkle, whatever it is), is to make sure your skates are up to the task and in good shape, especially the bearings, which you will need to dry and lubricate carefully when you're done if you want to keep them in good condition. Unless you use greased bearings as opposed to oiled; they can be used longer in wet circumstances. You also have to be physically ready because skating in the rain is likely to put more muscle stress on you.
Choose your wheels wisely. Hard wheels are terrible for skating in the wet, softer wheels will have more grip in the wet pavement. Some wheels have great grip in the rain, and others make you feel like you are skating on ice. The best thing to do is test different wheels out.

So, go ahead, have fun and get wet! It is a totally different experience to skate under the rain!!