Choosing Your First Aggressive Inline Skates

There are many out there who like the extreme sport of aggressive skating. For them, skating is more than just a pastime, but rather a passion and they are very choosy and picky when it comes to selecting skates for themselves. They know exactly what they want. But what about those of you who have decided to share this passion for extreme skating and have no idea of where to start? I'm sure you wouldn't like to make a wrong choice. There are several things that you should take into consideration when choosing your first pair of aggressive inline skates.

Aggressive skating on a rampLet's start with what kind of skating you want to do. If you are just beginning, maybe you are not sure yet of what you are going to be good for: freestyle, grinding, ramps? In any case, if you decided to buy aggressive skates, you have to make sure they are durable and comfortable, and of course, fast.

Make sure the boot is strong and firm, and that the liner is comfortable. Fit is utterly important for you to have a good skating experience.

In time, you will learn how to choose your wheels. The durometer in most wheels range from 74A to 88A. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Aggressive wheels take a beating, mostly in the inner and outer edges because of all the turns and grinds. Get wheels within the 80mm range if what you need is speed. If you are going to do long distance or recreational skating, choose a softer durometer of around 70mm. Remember that for grinding, the smaller the wheels the better. Learn how to correctly change the wheels and bearings of your skates so you can go from harder to softer, or larger to smaller wheels. You might end up using a combination of all. You'll find this out as you progress and you learn your own particular needs.

Decide what type of frame you'll want. There's the 4 wheeled setup, the anti rocker setup and the two wheeled setup. Go for the anti-rocker if you'll be performing lots of grinds and rail stunts. Anti-rocker skates have standard wheels at the front and the back, and smaller wheels in the middle.

In the four wheel setup, all wheels are the same size. In the two wheel setup both wheels are the same size and there is a gap in between used for grinds.

What brands should you look for?

K2, Remz, Rollerblade, Roces, Razors, Xsjado, Valo. They all make wonderful aggressive skates. If you want to get a lot of padding, go with Razors. They have very plush liners and solid skates. If you want something more flexible, go with Remz.

Razors seem to be favorites among beginners and pros alike, and K2, Rollerblade or Roces all have good starter skates at reasonable prices.

The best way to find out where to start, is talking to your friends  at the skate park. They will definitely tell you what their favorite brands and styles are.

Browse around the site and you'll be able to find great brands on cheap aggressive skates!

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