Learn to Inline Skate at Any Age

We've all seen those crazy kids doing extreme inline skating with obstacles, and jumps, and wild tricks, but that doesn't mean that when you decide to learn to skate, you have to do what they do. You've also seen those very relaxed people, rolling down the street, at a very comfortable pace, and you think: "I wish I could do that." The truth is that inline skating is for everyone, from a 4 year old to an 80 year old grandmother. Inline skating can be learned at any age and it is an affordable activity. If you can walk, you can skate. I learned to skate at 49, and you would be surprised to learn just how many people "over the hill" have taken up rollerblading "on the hill". Learning the basic techniques takes a relatively short time. You can learn at your own paceā€¦ no need to skate backwards right away. The equipment you need is not all that expensive, and if you invest in a good quality pair of inline skates and protective gear to start with, they can last a very long time with the proper maintenance. Although you can find skates for very little money, the better the skate, the easier it is to learn, and the more comfortable you are. So plan on spending a little more if you can possibly afford it.

You can skate alone, or in groups, and you can take your equipment with you everywhere you go.

Learn to skateIt is not a dangerous sport as many others can be. As long as you use the right protective equipment, once you learn to keep your balance and roll, you are in for hours and hours of fun. It is also a fun and eco-friendly form of transportation. And what about the fitness benefits? It is recommended by the AHA (American Heart Association) as a great aerobic exercise. When you take long strides you can increase the heart rate and even strengthen the muscles on your back. Did you know that inline skating engages all the muscles in your body? It has the same benefits as jogging or riding a bike, but without the impact these activities can have on your joints and muscles! Plus, skating can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

There are awesome skating locations everywhere. Every city has special paths and trails for skating there are indoor and outdoor rinks and skate parks. There are also a bunch of social skating events that you can attend. You'll be surprised with all the possibilities when you start looking for places to go and things to do with skates!

Picture Courtesy of: bill85704

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